what the ---

i went to the place that we used hang out together,

than someone call Mimi !!

aahh, i feel like wanna crying, coz i met my old bff (:

yes dear, tu la kw, suke sngad tuka num mcm tuka bju, last2, kte lost cntct, then kw ad kwn mase tu, 

sorry to say this, but i hate ur friend , cte2 dy na jd director pun jgn la pikir aq ni actress dy, bodoh !

hey, knp tamau straight kan rambod u ? old fashion la u nie 
sorry, but this is my style, and respect that. whatever i`m doing with my hair, it is my way of life =='
and fyi, there is no more old fashion now once, smue ikot style sendiri, not like u, i`m sure u living there kan BARBIE ?
what ? i`m not barbie, 
oh yeah, so u are babi ?
no im not,
u pissed off by me right ? serve u, if u think u r my bestie friend, hear this CAREFULLY, i don`t care at all.

Kan dah kena, len kali jgn na POYO dpn aq la =='

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