You, my ex (:

You know honey, it is actually still got love for you in my heart, but it was too little for you,

You know, u lie to me, and why u not just telling it. I mean tell the truth? I`m not going to kill you anyway.

If u mad at me, just tell where the place i`m wrong, where the place I make u hurt, dun pretend to be others and pissed me off like that.

U`r promise me so many time,  and you break your OWN promise every time u make it. U don`t know how MUCH that it is hurt me.

I`m telling you as honest as I can, I STILL love u, but at the same time I know I HATE YOU more than I LOVE YOU !

And I need to make it not to happened at other time, so we need to break up..

U know honey, there is no more tears left for you

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