3 July (2nd)

yeah i'm crazy of you
yes i'm addicted for cha love.

yeah men , u adi make me crazy , and thank you.
takleh study :)
*ceit , alasan bodoh , haha :D

so , tomorrow i`m gonna make a cake , or maybe a cupcake , idk which one i wanna choose.

and i oso decided , i wanna make some cupcakes for myfruitheart *thats the name that i wrote on my phone book :)

dude , chocolate , i hope you`ll like it :)
tp , mcm mne nak bg kat dy D:


fikir~ fikir. fikirrrr ~
*mcm cite jimiy neutron p/s aku tak tahu nak eja nme cte tu haha

maybe p kajang jap , ajak dy jmpe kjap then bg , then blik :)

ouh , nice plan :)
tp x tahu dy bole ke x :(
but anyhow , let me try it first , we didn't know the result rite my darla ?

hmm , so , lets ask him tonight <3

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