7 August 2011

It just the matter of , why u r so easily said that u love somebody ?
Then , it make me felt like want to think and keep questioning , is it u love me as I am ? or just for fun ?
I know u said the love stuff to all chic that closed to u, some of them I know. But some more , I don’t know , I just need the one that honest sincere and truthful to me , not someone that just know how to express their love without feelings. :/
It was lucky I can hack ur facebook account. so I know what chu doing on my back, but i really confused , whether I can forgive u whether I can forget what chu doing . please be there when I need u ,
But thanks god I know about this earlier, thanks god I have the strength to not to cry for what chu have done.
Thank you coz reading this , don’t read this just with ur mouth , read this together with ur BRAIN and ur HEART !

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