sympathy :(

its such a pathetic when we were happy but not our close freinds,
my abg tuh, bukan abg kandung keyh, abg sekolah, senior lah snng crita, kitorg kinda rapat lah jugak, dy break up, sbb that chic y mnx, maybe got some trouble, and just now, he sent me that chic punya blogger address, that chic rupanya dah ad someone, really i cannot think wht the hell is she thinking, she just form3, but her heart just like the org y dah kecewa dngn cinta, tak letak kan harapan y tnggi kat cinta..
u know wht chic, u r so loser because u let him go, he such a nice guy you know ? DANG ! if dy abg aku betul2, aku akn masuk campur and deal this thing with you ! kau thu kan dy nak SPM , kau thu kan SMP tu penting, but.. why ur acting like this !

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