ap la cg ni, kejam =='

td jmpe my personal teacher, dy tny i dpt brape dlm PMR,

i didn`t tell him what i got, and i show my sadist face, then he say,

nvm, SPM still far away, u can catch them if u stay focus when ur learning session.

then, i smilling and tell him i got 7A`s, then dy kate, mane slip exam u ? i want to see it, u ni da lah suke klentong i =='

then dy check btol2, check nme i, check ic i, like what the hell, mcm dy tacye i dpt 7, F3

then he say, eh, btol ke ni, stawu i, u blaja pun x concern straight, how come u can get 7?
i pun ckp la, its a miricale, haha ;D

dy teros pegy blanje shopping kat pavi, yeay, and in the same time, knp amin x cntct aku ?


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