22 May 2011 (2nd)

i wish i have no my own history of life.
when we remember them , believe me, it was so hurting me ,

i wish have amnesia , people will not blame me if i`m not remember anything .
i will not know my problems ,

yeah , i know it sounds like silly things , but it`s my life ,
u all got your own life , so please , leave me alone , let me enjoy my life with my own ways ,

don`t make me stuck in your ways ,

i`m sorry if i hurt you a lot , i`m sorry if i`m not perfect as what you think for ,
i really need to talk to you , because i know , that u just know my kind part , u don`t know my bad side ,
i don`t want you to hear from others , i want you to hear from me , and i wish we can make it face to face .

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