The Story of Blind Girl

This story i got it from my friend, which is one fellow of twitter's users.

This story is about a blind girl that was so give up with her life because she was blind, but she have a kind boyfriend that can accept her blind condition. Her boyfriend always support her and give her some words so she wouldn't give up in her life. This silly girl said to her boyfriend, if she can see the world, she will marry him, so the boyfriend do something that unexpected.

One day, the girl go for an operation for her "new set" of eye because she got the eye donor.
The girl were so happy that she can see the world with her new eyes. Her boyfriend come to her and said all the words that the girl had promised to him "U said u will marry me if you can see the world" while smiling, the boy said this to her proudly and expecting something nice and good, unfortunately, the girl act so stupid and she said back to her boyfriend "I'm sorry, but you were blind, I don't want to have a blind husband." The boy so sad and upset, the boy walked away from her and crying. One day, the girl accept a letter from his ex-boyfriend, the letter said "Hey my beautiful girl, you know that I always love you, I will always love you even you're not, I just want to take care of my eyes"

The girl cry, and she put all her effort to find his boy again, but unfortunately, the boy died in an accident while walking back to his house.

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