I'm just a girl :)

well, as a girl, i sometimes forgot about somethings, well.. i dont think that i need to say what it is.
as a girl too, I'm not brave and i always think negatively about all my action.
as a girl too, i sometimes get so paranoid and cant do the best thing for me and let other person impose to whatever that I'm not experts especially about heart and feelings.

well, aku selalu berlembut dengan org, bila kita nak betulkan kesilapan, kita sendiri yang takud and at last, kita yang kene mengalah. and the scratch will remain as the scratch, it will never revert. remain the same.

-org y paling banyak gelak,senyum and bercakap adalah org yang paling banyak terluka didalam dan simpan sendirian- twitter users

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