super cool (Y)

today was so abnormal, happy semacam, and i feel so calm, and i felt like my life was so fun even Zain messed up with me time chemist tadi, but i still smiling. haha.

well, before that, dah lama tak BLOGGING! semua salahkan SPM, hahaha, unlucky year.. tapi kene gak hadap, terima dengan sabar dan SENYUMAN :D

well, berapa minit je lagi our ten monthassary  *yeay!!!* *giggling* *dancing* *jumping like monkey*

baru hari ni sedar my life was AWESOMEEEEEEE :D

but, mcm biasalah, bukan semua, ada certain things y messed up in our life kan? what to do.. kene jelah go with the flow, well, trial just around the corner, i started my revision.. wake up at 4 in the morning.. after solat and ngaji, study for a moment, sahur, sambung study solat subuh, lepak jap, siap2 p skolah, thats all, Ramdhan was awesome, baru dpt disiplinkan masa, klo bulan biasa, mcm payah je, xde semangat. i dont know why. hahaha.

well, result please be nice with me, wlaupun cuma trial, but sngt lah penting for scholarship and all, i really hope that i was choosed to study in matrix. pray to Allah for that.

Assalamualaikum :)

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